Research Summary

Lots of daily situations requires to process more variables than human brain is able to process. Every day, millions of people solve problems and make decisions based on their intuition or other soft skills. Using some of the decision-making methods, we can solve many of those situations more precisely.

There are many methods and tools to help making right decisions. But not every tool is right for every situation and some of them are not really helpful at all. Although the computer aided decision making is here for some time already, we are not even close to effective usage of the tools. My research is focused on decision making using neural networks and Monte Carlo method.

Decades of research in these two fields created great foundation for future research. Thanks to huge increase in computer performance in last two decades, we are able to perform such actions like big data analysis and deep learning. But we are still at the beginning, future research will bring complex advanced tools for data analysis and learning and thus creating effective decision making tools.

My research is focused on decision making in hotel management. This is particularly interesting field, because it contains extraordinarily many constantly changing variables like weather and people’s feelings, which are very important in this field.



   Decision making

   Neural networks

   Monte Carlo

   Big Data

   Deep Learning

   Hotel management

   Computer science

Research Projects

International Research Grant No. 4363-6-14/16, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russian Federation "Modeling of environmental management processes

Role: Co-investigator

GAMA/15/1 Use of natural substances based on humic fulvonic acids to maintain soil quality in metallic laden region of Central Spiš..

Role: Co-Investigator

KEGA 020PU-4/2015 Creating multimedia web documents for e-learning education and improving the quality of knowledge managers and students

Role: Co-investigator

GAMA/14/7 Analysis, comparison and applications of parallel Monte Carlo method and neural networks in decision making of manager.

Role: Principal Investigator

KEGA 037PU-4/2014 Preparation of study materials based on e-learning and their implementation in teaching of the disciplines of quantitative methods, managerial informatics and finance

Role: Co-investigator